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Janet Leet
Sport and Fitness  Coach/Clinician
Human Movement Epistemology Researcher

Clinician (2010 - present): I teach the dynamics of human Movement for clients with and without micro-trauma (little aches and pains).  I do Injury-Risk-Assessments (IRA) and Performance-Readiness-Evaluations (PREs) with healthy individuals. I have worked with Olympic level athletes to the elderly having problems (i.e. walking, getting out of chairs, etc). 

Running Coach and Supplemental Training Professional (1998 - present):  training that specifically applies back to your sport or activity giving you the supplemental power that is both experienced and felt. I continually use IRA's and PRE's along with mathematical predictions in work in power increases, and problem solving techniques when the prediction fall short to identify where the real work needs to be done. I work on both internet based as well as in person. 

Researcher  (2012 - Present): Co-Investigator in  human movement with Robert Narcessian, EdM. via St. Joseph Regional Medical Center Paterson NJ. Co-author of manuscript submitted to peer review - work in preparation. 


Motion Analysis Performance Solutions (MAPS, LLC):    MAPS Multi-joint Observer-Performer-Systems clinician 

USATF      Level 1 Certified Track and Field Coach

Safe Sport Certified

Virtus Certified

Human subject NIH Certified Researcher

Past work experience:

SUB5, Inc: Published as a Co-author: Scientific Epistemology for Physical Education Fundamental Movement Skills Prerequisites The Sports Journal April 3, 2020

SUB5 Performance Center (2011 - 2018)

SUB5 Girls Running Camp  1997 - 2017 (sponsored by Nike, Inc.): Largest All girls overnight running camp in the USA.

ESPN Rise Blogger 2014: Wrote a series of Blogs on girls running

Reebok International LTD: 1991 - 1996

         Field Service Manager Midwest and Canada territories (1993-1996): Managed 12                          employees to educate, merchandise and collect trend data for shoe development

         Filed Service Representative (1992-1993): educate, merchandise and collect trend data

         Reebok America Representative (1991-1992): Ran under a professional contract while

              integrating into local running stores, local competitions, and local clubs 

University of Arkansas (1990-1991): Graduate Assistant Track and Field Coach


Running Bio​​

Peer reviewed published author and a  former 10 x Collegiate Division I NCAA All-American (1984 -1989), IAAF World Cross Country team Gold Medalist in 1987 (I placed 23rd), and Kinney national high school cross country champion 1983. I was named high school athlete of the Century in New Jersey in 2000. In 2003 I was named to the NCAA Athletic Coast Conference (ACC) 50 year team in three sports (Cross County, Indoor and Outdoor Track). I qualified for two Olympic track and field Trials in the 10,000M. I ran in 2-IAAF World Cross Country championships. I ran for Team USA in the inaugural Chiba Ekiden Relay team silver medalist in 1988. I raced for Team USA all over the world. 

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