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JANET LEET, Camp Owner/Director:  

SUB5 Running Camp is in its 20th year.  My goal with this camp has always been to INSPIRE the young girls to believe in themselves and to create/foster a DESIRE and PASSION within.  I want to send each athlete home with tools in her toolbox so she can ACHIEVE her goals.  I want the girls to feel a freedom to discuss issues that are not always addressed in this sport.  I don't think you can accomplish this without making it an all-girls environment.  Additionally, Timber Pointe Recreation Camp has afforded me the opportunity to offer the venue to go after what should be done in youth athletics.  We control the schedule, kitchen, adventures, challenges, and topical issues. ​


​A little bit about me.  ​

I am a former Kinney (Foot Locker) High School National Champion, New Jersey High School Athlete of the Century, World Cross County Champion (​1987 USA team member placing 23rd at the World Championships), former 10​-time Division I All American, two-time Olympic Trials qualifier, and many-time ACC Champion.

​  ​

I went to a lot of running camps in my youth and ​worked at some BUT never got the answers to the hard questions roaming in my head. ​I even spent a week at the ​O​lympic ​t​raining center​'​s camp and did not get answers I sought. ​​I created Sub 5​

​C​amp to send a strong message to​young girls of "​YES​,​YOU CAN!​"​ I had a lot of ​"​NO, YOU CAN'T​"​​ being a young runner in the 1980's and 90's​ and want to leave this sport affording better opportunities for the next generation.

​Sub 5 is not your typical running camp.  If young girl wants to challenge herself to develop as an athlete ... spend a week at SUB 5!   

AMY BALTES, CAMP NUT (Nutritionist): Amy is a Registered Dietician who is not your typical nutritionist. She has not been afraid to challenge me to CHANGE MY KITCHEN and CLEAN UP OUR EATING. There are countless nutritional problems with our youth today. She has made it her life's passion to go after this.  She has made our kitchen at camp  95% NON-PROCESSED. THE FOOD TASTES SO GOOD. Amy takes each camper through a cooking demo. She takes the fear out of eating better. She shows them how they can take control of their own eating and how it can be fun and rewarding.  I can not tell you how many families have changed their diets because of what Amy has done at this camp. 

Amy is a former IL State Cross Country Champion with  Hoffman Estates High School. She is passionate about exercise and FUNCTIONAL EATING.  

MEGHAN LASKEI (BRAFFET) Camp Co-Director: Meghan has been a part of SUB5 since she was in 8th grade (over 18 years ago). Meghan started as a camper and now works at camp as one of our main co-director/MAPS Instructors.  Meghan understands our mission and wants to build upon it. She took her MIND-FIT tools from camp to college and it helped her to become the Atlantic Coast Conference 10,000 meter champion at the University of Maryland. But Meghan was always injured (Fibula fracture, foot fracture, femur fracture). Meghan developed pirformis pain so bad she cold not sleep at night, could not stand in class. She was miserable for over a year. It took 3.5 years to convince her to go to MAPS LLC and in one session Meghan was out of pain. The second session she was given drills into runs and had no pain (only 2 days). She went back to school and her team could not believe it was her running. The head coach was amazed that she could change that much so fast. That was over 8 years ago and today Meghan has no problems from those injuries today. Meghan is so commited to our research she has joined the research team. 

QUNOOT SHARAFI: Camp Chef: Qunoot is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Educator. She is the founder of Real Results Inc. (, which serves the North Shore Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois – Northfield, Skokie, Evanston, Morton Grove, Des Plaines, Winnetka, Wilmette, Glenview, and Northbrook. Qunoot serves her clients by utilizing several forms of training and programs, such as Personal Fitness Training, Boot Camps, and Nutritional Services. As well as her exercise services, Qunoot Sharafi has an online healthy cooking series called “Cooking With Qunoot”. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. After working in accounting for a year and a half she decided to leave her career to follow her passion for Personal Training and Fitness. Currently she is enrolled in a culinary program for associates in Culinary Arts, as well as Culinary Science.



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