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1 - 1.5 hour sessions

What we do: Take a complex movement task to its simplicity (prerequisites). Promotes learning for a change in behavior that upgrades a habit to add in skill. These unique session are like nothing you have ever seen, read, or been put through. They are not physically demanding but emotionally taxing as they challenge deeply held beliefs using a simple systems application. Ah-Ha moments happen often. Common statements we hear are:

"Why did I not know this before?"

"Why was I not taught this?"

"Teach an old dog new tricks!"   Or  "Train the new puppy!" 
1 hour sessions

We look at configuration space (positions) in 2-D and how 2-D transitions into 3-D so virtual sessions are very effective. 

        Text or call for appt:          847-494-9088

Athlete support programs:

Power training programs

using only three multi-joint tasks for total body conditioning that is felt in sport application the next day. We have over 40 years of data points with varying sports and all levels of abilities. 

Prescriptive Running Plans

High School level and beyond are evaluated via System-Based-Testing protocol for prescriptive workouts unique to the individual and their goals. The athlete is re-evaluated 2 - 3 times a year for updated prescriptions. 

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