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Optimizing movement BEHAVIORS 

sport/fitness application

Mary Bradbury - Former Professional Tri-Athlete and Triathlon Coach of Bradbury Fitness


'After seeing many doctors, she is the only one who was able to relieve the pain in my back with just a few simple exercises.  And not only did they help my back, they also greatly improved my running technique and made everything feel easier, more fluid. I call Janet my witch doctor, she's awesome!' 

Dave Schaefer

Fast Track​


“After 12 years of competitive racing, I was introduced to Janet in March '12. Two and a half years of piriformis injury, Janet's Sub 5 program cleaned up my form and strength training. 2 half marathons (1:21:01) , 2 10 milers, 2 10k's, 2 8k's and 5 5k's (17:15) and 2 marathons in 2012, I've become a believer in SUB5, Janet's the BEST.”  Janet has rebuilt my excitement for competitive racing and running without pain! Means the world to have the opportunity to work with Janet.

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